MDM4U – Mathematics of Data Management, Grade 12, University Preparation


Functions, Grade 11, University Preparation

Course Description

This course broadens students’ understanding of mathematics as it relates to managing data. Students will apply methods for organizing and analysing large amounts of information; solve problems involving probability and statistics; and carry out a culminating investigation that integrates statistical concepts and skills. Students will also refine their use of the mathematical processes necessary for success in senior mathematics. Students planning to enter university programs in business, the social sciences, and the humanities will find this course of particular interest.

Outline of Course Content

Unit 1Permutations and Organized Counting
Unit 2Combinations and the Binomial Theorem
Unit 3Introduction to Probability
Unit 4Probability Distributions
Unit 5Probability Distribution for Continuous Variables
Unit 6Organization of Data for Analysis
Unit 7One-Variable Data Analysis
Unit 8Two-Variable Data Analysis
Unit 9Culminating Final Project