CHC2D – Canadian History

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Course Overview

CHC2D (Candian History since World War I)

Welcome to CHC2D! I am happy that you’ve chosen to take this class. The Course Outline is below the Course Description. Please refer to that for all details to the class before the start of classes and during the semester. Following that, you can see the daily updates for each class down below. If you’ve missed a class, check the date and there will be resources (if any) posted there.¬†

Course Description

This course focuses on the social context of historical
developments and events and how they have affected the lives of people in
Canada since 1914. It also explores social, economic and political development
a Metis, and Inuit communities. Students will also  explore interactions between various
communities in Canada as well as contributions of individuals and groups to
Canadian heritage and identity. Students will develop their ability to apply
the concepts of historical thinking and the historical inquiry process,
including the interpretation and analysis of evidence when investigating the continuing relevance of historical developments and how they have helped shape
communities in present-day Canada.

Prerequisite: None

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