Halloween Party

Every year, William Academy holds a Halloween Party for students to have fun and partake in organized events. Led by the Student Council, students participate a pumpkin carving competition, decorate the entire school, and dress up like their favorite characters.

Algonquin Trip

Canada puts on its most beautiful, colorful display in October. The best place for enjoying the autumn leaves is at Algonquin Provincial Park. Our principal led 55 students through Algonquin Park to breathe the fresh air and marvel at the stunning scenery.

Battle of the Houses

Congratulations to Bishop, Mackenzie, Osler and Stephenson Houses for their outstanding performances both in sport and in the academic based challenges at the annual Battle of the Houses. It was a hard fought battle, but our victor this year is Osler House!

Music Class

There are many avenues for growth and development in a school setting. William Academy’s music classes are open to students from grades 10-12. Students learn basic music theory and develop guitar playing skills. It is an opportunity for students to try something new and gain confidence.