About Us

William Academy Online is an online school based in Toronto, Ontario. The School offers secondary level courses approved by the Ontario Ministry of Education and strictly adheres to all the Ministry Documents which include: Ontario Schools Policy and Program Requirements; Curriculum Guidelines; and, Growing Success for Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting Policy. By law, students must remain in school full-time until they are 18 years of age or until they obtain an Ontario Secondary School Diploma. As such, to enroll at William Academy, students must already be enrolled in a day school and be able to provide proof of such.

Mission Statement
William Academy aims to provide access to quality education and learning opportunities for all students. Through using cutting edge technology, dedicated teachers and creating a community of learners, William Academy’s goal is to help each student become the best versions of themselves.
William Academy’s goal is to help each student become the best versions of themselves.
School’s Philosophy

William Academy believes that each and every student has the ability to succeed if given the proper support and guidance. William Academy is dedicated to reaching all its students and helping them succeed. Often in traditional classrooms, this level of support is not available because of physical and time constraints. At William Academy, we aim to break down these barriers to learning and provide focused instruction, personalized feedback, extensive modeling, ongoing assessment for learning and open communication with parents and guardians to ensure that our students are given the help they need in order to reach their personal and academic goals.

William Academy teachers are members of the Ontario College of teachers and deliver the curriculum in a way that is engaging and accessible for students of the 21st century. Our highly qualified teachers are consistently working with students to help develop their knowledge, critical thinking, analytical abilities and their communication. By using collaborative learning opportunities and authentic learning experiences, our students are not only provided with a quality education, but are also inspired to become conscientious leaders in their chosen field.